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Healing Touch Thai Massage is a combination of full body relaxation with organic oil, stretching,
acupressure, yoga & reflexology. This massage is a combination of Thai massage, Swedish massage and foot reflexology.


Therapists at Healing Touch Thai Massage 
We are professional licensed massage therapist.

1. Candy
She is currently providing massage therapy service through the Healing Touch Thai Massage. She is an experienced licensed massage therapist. Candy is certified in NCBTMB (National Certified in the Therapeutic Massage) and pregnancy massage from Avalon school. She also has certifications from the Thai Traditional Medical School in Bangkok, Thailand. She combines techniques to create a unique and personal synthesis for each individual session. Her basic massage style is an Oriental type of massage, using gentle pressure on energy lines and utilization yoga-like stretching to relax the whole body on a deeper level. This deeper level of relaxation improves the individuals' personal outlook, and their emotional status. Deep relaxation has been shown to promote a deeper, more restorative night's sleep as well. This deeper sleep allows the body to heal itself physical. Candy’s mission is to support individuals in achieving life balance through personal wellness. A firm believer in the inseparable connection between body/mind.
Candy provides Healing Touch Thai Massage which is a combination full body relaxation with organic oil, stretching, acupressure, yoga and reflexology in one session.

2. Julie
Julie is an experienced,knowledgable and talented massage therapist who take the time deal with any issues you may have. She focuses on pressure points,deep tissue massage,and uses hot stones to relax and relieve any tension in your muscles.She dose Swedish and Thai style techniques and is very good if you want a relaxing massage experience.
3. Cyndi
Cyndi loves to help people.She enjoys seeing someone come in with pain and leaving feeling like a whole,new person. The body is an amazing machine that provides a different challenge with each individual that walks in the door to get massage.

Cyndi belives that self care if very important,and man people do not take enough time for themselves. Not only does she find massage to be good for the body,but for the mind and soul as well.

4. Lisa
Lisa Loves customizing each massage to the individual's needs.She is a beliver you never give the same massage twice-evryone has the same muscles,but all at a differrent degree. She has a passion for healing touch.Once she experienced the joy and passion from offering immediate relief to people through massage.

Lisa provides Healing Touch Thai Massage which is a combination Thai style and Swedish style.She can also walk on your back and has very good stretching techniques. Lisa loves the healing properties of therapeutic touch and is excited to be here in Kingwood to offer her services as a Massage Therapist.

5. Jayra

Jayra is Thai massage therapist who train Thai massage from Thailand.She has an intuitive sense and feeling to know where to apply pressure and for how long to press, aiming to release muscular tension and stretch out tight muscles, ultimately encouraging flow of energy around the body.

When Jayra use her body weight to release stress and tension from within the muscles it works deeper and is more focused. Jayra combine leverage and balance of her own body weight to apply more or to ease off, ensuring they use the correct pressure on each client.

Throughout a Thai massage the therapist will start with meridian work. This means palm and thumb presses along the energy lines, which warms the muscles and increases blood flow. Working around the joints, releasing tension and encouraging movement occurs before stretching of the limbs. Through working on the meridian lines and joints, it warms up the body physically and emotionally enabling maximum benefit from the stretching.

The Thai method uses pressure points, muscle stretching and compression in a rhythmic motion. When doing a Thai massage, Jayra use her hands, feet, elbows, forearms and knees. 

Healing Touch Thai Massage is the best massage & lowest prices in Kingwood
The location in 1964 Northpark Dr, Ste.F Kingwood Tx 77339. Phone : 713-382-3620 or 281-312-4378 or e-mail ; miraclethaimassage@yahoo.com

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Best Massage Therapies & Lowest Prices at Healing Touch Thai Massage 1964 Northpark Dr,Ste.F Kingwood Tx 77339. Phone: 713-382-3620 or 281-312-4378
Welcome to Healing Touch Thai Massage, Kingwood's best massage. Located Healing Touch Thai Massage 1964 Northapark Dr, Ste.F Kingwood Tx 77339.We offer premier city location, relaxing & clean environment, professional massage therapists and lowest prices.

Appointment is strongly recommended before your visit.
Call at 713-382-3620 ,281-312-4378 or e-mail us at miraclethaimassage@yahoo.com


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